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Mayfair Photographer is a central London based company specialising in corporate portraits and events photography.

Mayfair Photographer provides the full package of photography services:

  • Content Consultation  – we discuss with the clients what kind of images they are looking for, and advise them to find the right composition and style for their images.
  • Photography Session – our sessions are always relaxed,  with a friendly atmosphere; this allows clients to show their best side for the photo-shoot.  Sessions can be organised either in the studio or on location; we have equipment to provide studio quality lighting at your offices or elsewhere you might want to shoot. During a Mayfair Photographer shoot, the client has the opportunity to see their images and choose their favourite one(s).
  • Professional Postproduction – Selected images are professionally postproduced
  • Quick Delivery – Final images are delivered within 3-5 working days

Please see the Mayfair Photographer portfolio for examples of our work. We have successfully worked with clients such as: Bain Capital, Google, British-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Otto Bock; sample events include corporate: parties, meetings, events and press conferences, and specialty events such as London Fashion Week and connected events to both Paralympic and Olympic Games.

The Company is run by Aleksandra Adler, experienced and professionally trained photographer.

At Mayfair Photographer, we believe everything we do needs to be at the highest professional level.  If you are looking for reliable and professional photography services, do not hesitate to contact us.